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See how Transglobal Express LTD International Delivery Escrow Works

During that important time between placing an order and receiving goods or completing services, Transglobal Express is there to provide full monetary security to both parties. The buyer's money is held securely until their goods or services are properly delivered, and the seller has full payment guaranteed if they fulfil their promise.

We take a simple concept and put it into action, enabling you to protect yourself in transactions which involve payment.

1- The Buyer and Seller agree to terms.

Both parties agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection of the merchandise, and any shipping information. Additional services including title collection and lien holder payoff are included.

2- Transaction is started and merchandise transferred at Transglobal Express LTD.

Seller will contact Transglobal Express LTD and start the escrow transaction. After all information is verified and if there are no mismatches, the transaction will be approved. At this point the merchandise needs to be transferred into Transglobal Express LTD custody, loading point location in cause.

Transglobal Express LTD will make a complete verification of the merchandise, we will verify: merchandise condition, authenticity and confirm specifications with the manufacturer also the legal papers of the merchandise.

3- Buyer is notified by Transglobal Express LTD about the transaction details.

Transglobal Express will send to the Buyer a written confirmation that the vehicle or package is in Transglobal Express LTD custody and also, that the vehicle or package content has been verified and it is ready to be delivered to the Buyer's shipping address.

Transglobal Express will send a complete set of payment instructions to the Buyer, instructing the Buyer on how to make the money deposit to Transglobal Express LTD. The Buyer and the Seller will receive a Reference Number that identifies their specific transaction.

NOTE*** Any financial transaction needs to be concluded under the substitution of our company escrow directive financial centers.

4- The Buyer pays Transglobal Express LTD Escrow Financial Centers.


The Buyer submits a payment by bank transfer. Transglobal Express LTD verifies the payment. Processing time varies due to buyer location.

Transglobal Express LTD ships the merchandise to the Buyer.

Upon payment verification, 
Transglobal Express is authorized to ship the merchandise and activate the tracking information. Transglobal Express LTD verifies that the Buyer receives the merchandise in good conditions as received from the seller.

6- The Buyer inspects and accepts the merchandise.

The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the merchandise and the option to accept or reject the merchandise.

7- The Seller is paid by 
Transglobal Express LTD International Delivery.

Transglobal Express pays the Seller by check, ACH or wire transfer. The transaction is complete.

How does the Buyer decline or reject items sent by the Seller?

During the Inspection Period, the Buyer would send us a written notification from his confirmed transaction email. At that point, the Buyer is responsible for returning shipment to the Seller contacting us to schedule a pick up time and date for the merchandise no more than 3 days from the rejection written notification. The Buyer's refund is processed only after the Seller confirms receipt and acceptance of the returned items in the same condition it was sent.

Who will pay the shipping expenses for rejected items?

The Seller is sole responsible for returning merchandise transport fees.

What if the Buyer doesn't accept the merchandise?

The Buyer needs to send us a written notification from his confirmed transaction email during the Inspection Period. Once rejected, the Buyer can contact the Seller directly to ask if the Seller will allow the Buyer to return partial merchandise. If the Seller agrees, 
Transglobal Express will need to be notified of the agreement. Transglobal Express will then send amendment emails to both parties. Transglobal Express LTD will make the adjustments and give instructions after the Buyer and Seller have replied to the amendment email or fax. In those cases, the Buyer will be fully refund.



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