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Buying and Selling OR scheduleing Massive Shipments has never been so easy! 

We act as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.

Close deals with peace of mind knowing that everything was properly documented. Create your own transaction in minutes by contacting our prompt customer support and following the step-by-step instructions. 

We are a government regulated and licensed escrow company that is compliant with Escrow Law. Transglobal Express LTD 
Delivery is internationally recognized and is recommended by many of the top Internet commerce sites.


About Transglobal Express LTD Delivery!

Transglobal Express LTD has seen exponential growth since its incorporation by GS Waller in (East) London in 1978. enjoying the support of an extensive “blue chip” export and import client base, interfacing with a global network of reciprocating sea and airfreight agencies which enhance the unbeatable service levels competitive rates and unquestionable ethos of the Company and its directors and staff.

This growth has been sustained through careful expansion and the recruitment of a cross section of highly skilled staff drawn from multifarious backgrounds covering all facets of the shipping and forwarding industry along with the policy of employing  key senior graduate staff from commercial manufacturing, I.T. and banking backgrounds enabling the Company to offer an infinite range of specialised logistics options to its extensive client base on a multiplicity of entry levels.

Transglobal Express LTD is now in its fourth decade of operation, a feat of longevity that only serves to underscore the integrity and professionalism of the Company and the high esteem in which it is held by its clients and suppliers both in the United Kingdom and on a worldwide basis.


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 When should I use it?

Quite simply, you should use Transglobal Express Delivery whenever you want a secure and inexpensive way to buy or sell online. Our prices are competitive with those offered by other online payment services, and we provide the added benefit of protection for both the buyer and seller.


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Transglobal Express. system is the only service combining online funds protection and transaction management to provide absolute security for both sides of any business transactions.



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